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fairy feather stole

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Product name fairy feather stole
material Front: 100% silk (fairy feather)

200 cm long
Width center 50cm edge 60cm

Color yellow

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Welcome to the ladies' world of Ryunosuke TOKYO.

women's stole Made with fairy feathers.

I made it with the wish that I want you to fly around the world in a feminine and elegant way.

Please wear it elegantly and feminine with the world's thinnest and wonderful silk.

fairy feather


·made in Japan

fairy feather

World's thinnest and most flexible silk fabric

(Fairy Feather) is made of ultra-fine silk thread that is about 1/6 (8 denier) of the thickness of a hair (about 50 denier), which is as light as a garment of air .

Thousands of ultra-fine silk threads are set in the warp of the loom, and the delicate organza is carefully woven .

Nevertheless, the softness of the thin raw silk gently wraps the skin. By pre-dyeing, the luster and transparency that can not be expressed by post-dyeing, and the shining figure like a beetle is exactly the wings of a fairy.

The technology has been highly evaluated and won the Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award, the Prime Minister's Award, and the Good Design Award.

Enjoy the world's thinnest and nicest silk.