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Kokura-ori fantasy shirt

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part number RSH004
Product name

Kokura-ori fantasy shirt

material Front: 100% cotton (Kokura weave)


blue stripe

*Other colors are available, so please contact us for details.


Please choose your own neck size from 38cm to 45cm.

0 size ( European size 38 ) (S)
Length 72cm, shoulder width 44cm, waist 88cm, sleeve length 59cm, neck 38cm
1 size ( European size 39 ) (Small M)
Length 75cm, Shoulder width 45cm, Waist 92cm, Sleeve length 60cm, Neck 39cm
2 sizes ( European size 40 ) (M)
Length 78cm, shoulder width 46cm, waist 96cm, sleeve length 61cm, neck 40cm
3 sizes ( European size 41 ) (Small M)
Length 81cm, Shoulder width 47cm, Waist 100cm, Sleeve length 62cm, Neck 41cm
4 sizes ( European size 42 ) (L)
Length 84cm, shoulder width 48cm, waist 104cm, sleeve length 63cm, neck 42cm

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Ryunosuke TOKYO values ​​constructive tailoring the most.

The technology is also embodied in the shirt, Tailored with a constructive plush core in Ogurajima stripes .

Ryunosuke TOKYO representative details and silhouette give a very gentle and elegant impression.

collar too A round collar on the left and a regular collar on the right make it a very fashionable shirt. The round color gives a gentle image and the simple regular color makes it a unique color with a gentle and simple rustic feel.

the shape of the hood The shirt has a fantasy shape and is not too casual.

Match it with a variety of pants to create a variety of shirts.

Ogura Striped Stripes

・Plush core

Round color on the left, regular color on the right

 ・Side gusset


black butterfly shell

·made in Japan

What is Kokura-ori?

A favorite of Ieyasu Tokugawa, it features a variety of warp threads that create a rhythm of colors and vertical stripes with a three-dimensional effect.

Kokura-ori is a thick, durable, and smooth cotton fabric.

The warp threads are three times denser than normal fabrics, and the weft threads are invisible.

In 2007, we used Kokurashimajima fabric, which evolved from Kokuraori into a wider width. By evolving into a fabric with a width of about 140 cm, we are expanding the range of apparel to interior, graphics, and architecture.